Permanent residence permit in Cyprus

Property investment in Cyprus is the best and fastest way to get a permanent residence permit!


  • registration takes no more than 2 — 3 months
  • issued for life (without the need to renew)
  • distributed to all family members, including children and parents
  • does not oblige you to live for a period of a year, you only need to visit Cyprus once every 2 years
  • you get full opportunities for doing business in Cyprus

To obtain a residence permit in Cyprus, you need to purchase 1 — 2 new properties from one developer, totaling 300,000 euros, plus VAT. After buying a property, you have the right to stay in Cyprus all year round without leaving!

Also, all foreign citizens residing in Cyprus can legally obtain a permanent (permanent) residence permit (DR) of category F. official salary, and dividends, which rely on the shareholder.

The basis for obtaining a DRI is a guaranteed annual income received from abroad and confirmed by an extract of the main applicant’s bank account, the presence of own property in Cyprus (which can be issued both to the main applicant and his family members), documents confirming ownership of the business in the country of origin. Immigration services may also require proof of additional funds. The permit is issued once, and its validity is unlimited, but it can be revoked if its owner has not been in Cyprus for more than two years. This document does not require updating and can be transferred to a new passport upon expiration of the old one. Holders of DR on category F do not have the possibility of visa-free entry to other European countries.

Cyprus Immigration Law allows citizens of Russia / Ukraine / Kazakhstan (and other countries of the former CIS), who arrived in Cyprus on a tourist visa, to stay in the country for up to 90 days. Further stay in the state is possible only after obtaining a temporary residence permit — Pink Slip.

Grounds for obtaining a residence permit for foreign citizens in Cyprus (Pink Slip):

1. Acquisition of ownership of real estate in the country or its rent — the applicant receives a temporary residence permit in the status of a visitor (Visitor’s Pink Slip).

2. Study in one of the educational institutions in Cyprus — the applicant receives a temporary residence permit in the status of a student / student (Pink’s Slip).

3. Work in the country (by work should be understood not only work in local organizations, but also management of your own enterprise) — the applicant receives a temporary residence permit in the status of a manager / employee (Employee / Director’s Pink Slip).

4. Accompanying children studying in Cyprus — the applicant receives a temporary residence permit in the status of a parent / guardian (Visitor Pink Slip).

In order to get the Pink Slip permission and subsequently renew it, the Applicant must submit the necessary documents to the Cyprus Migration Service office. Documents are required in order to confirm the identity of the applicant, as well as his financial viability, the absence of a criminal past, etc.

Depending on the category of Pink Slip, the Applicant is required to submit a different set of documents, but the main requirement is the financial viability of the applicants. The permit document (Pink Slip) for those who want to study in Cyprus, for persons accompanying children-students and property owners is issued for a period of one year, after which it must be renewed. In the course of employment, a permit document may be issued for a period of two to four years.
To extend the permit, you must submit the documents to the migration service 30 days before its expiration date. The permit is invalid in cases where the holder is absent in Cyprus for more than 90 days. The presence of such a permit allows the holder to obtain visas to various countries of the world through the consulates of foreign countries located in Cyprus (through the consulates of Bulgaria, Lithuania, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Israel, Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovakia, USA, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Canada, Slovenia).

After five years of legal residence in Cyprus, in accordance with EU directives, foreign citizens have the right to a long-term residence permit (Long Term Residence Permit). Holders of LTRP have equal rights with citizens of the Republic of Cyprus in everything except participation in elections. This residence permit is valid for five years, after which the document is automatically extended for the same period.

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