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We invite you to consider some of the best projects under construction, which will undoubtedly give you a good rental income. Also, this property is guaranteed to grow in value every year, due to its location and high demand from tourists. Based on many years of experience, we offer you the following options for reliable investment:

We offer our clients only proven real estate and are calm about their safety and the quality of construction in these projects.
As a rule, it is better and more correct to invest in the construction phase, this is the best price and a large selection. Already after commissioning, your property will rise in price by 15-20%. The income from renting out your property will be about 5% -10% per annum.

Our partners – development companies, offer flexible conditions for financing construction – this is a first installment of only 30% and an installment plan for the entire construction – 0%. Also, our company is always ready to help its client, solve the issue of financing through a bank loan. Some of the objects can be purchased for cryptocurrency. We offer the services of the best law firms in Cyprus, this will secure your purchase by 100%. Contact our company and get the best real estate options FOR INVESTMENT.

Advice on the selection of real estate in Cyprus

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