Crediting in Cyprus for non-residents

Company CYPRUS FOR INVESTMENTS Ltd. cooperates with the largest and most reliable banks in Cyprus, who are ready to make loyal and prompt decisions on our clients’ loan applications. Our company takes part in the entire process of issuing a loan (mortgage): from filing an application and collecting a package of documents, before registering real estate with our client. We are aimed only at a positive result and in every way contribute to this!

Providing mortgages to foreigners is an important advantage of Cyprus. It is especially worth noting that the percentage of positive decisions in favor of issuing a loan is quite high. As a down payment only 20-40% of the total amount is required. Depending on the conditions, the interest rate varies from 2.15 — 2.75% for buyers, and from 5.3% for investors in the YEAR. The procedure for approving a mortgage by a bank takes from 1 week to a month.

Pay attention: the loan rate is from 2 to 5% per year, and when renting out a property — you get a profit of 7 to 12% per year. Do your own conclusions!


  1. Passport (Ukrainian and international passport)
  2. Water / electricity bill
  3. Recommendation from the bank
  4. Summary
  5. Income Statement

If you work for hire:

  1. Salary sheets for the last three months
  2. Confirmation of additional stable income (on request)

Self employed:

  1. Copy of VAT reports since the last date of the balance sheet
  2. Confirmation of additional stable income (on request)
  3. Tax return (for loans over € 50,000)
  4. Social insurance (for loans in excess of € 100,000)
  5. Certificate of income from the accountant (for loans in excess of € 100,000)

Legal entities:

  1. Copy of VAT reports since the last date of the balance sheet
  2. Original document confirming the absence of tax debts for the last two years
  3. Audited financial statements for the last 3 years (for loans in excess of € 50,000)
  4. Management / financial statements for the relevant quarter (for loans in excess of € 50,000)
  5. A business plan with a cash budget for the next 2 years (for loans in excess of € 100,000)
  6. Contract of sale
  7. Document confirming the advance payment
  8. Insurance (if available)
  9. Document confirming the right to property
  10. A copy of the document on the existing mortgage
  11. Confirmation of a good credit history (certificate of a valid loan for the last 3 years)

In some cases, additional information and documents may be requested.

Company CYPRUS FOR INVESTMENTS Ltd., offers professional assistance in obtaining and obtaining a loan for the purchase of real estate in Cyprus! PLEASE CONTACT .

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