Registration of low-tax companies

Company registration in Cyprus

 Cost of the company EURO
A set of company documents with a full nominal service includes:
  • Official fees for the registration of a new company
  • 4 certificates certified by Apostille
  • Inception. contract and the Charter for the Company with Capital up to 5000 Euro
  • Full package of company documents
  • Company registration in the Tax Department
  • Stamp of the company
  • Courier delivery of documents
1900 Euro including VAT

Mandatory and additional services for companies registered in Cyprus:

Annual fixed payments:Cost in Euros
Services of a nominal director (person)700
Services of a nominal director (legal entity)500
Services of a nominal shareholder (individual)700
Services of a nominal shareholder (legal entity)500
Provision of a Registered Address300
Provision of company secretary services300
Annual fixed tax on a Cypriot company350
The cost of drawing up and filing a form for the payment of an annual fixed tax42.10
Additional services: 
Change in the Company’s Shareholder, incl. issuance of a new certificate350
Change of Director / Secretary of the company, incl. issuance of a new certificate350
Change of the company’s registration address, incl. issuance of a new certificate350
Change of Beneficiaries290
Change of company name550
Increase of the authorized capital of the company550
Special Power of Attorney for opening and managing a bank account for a period of 1 year 200
Special Power of Attorney for a transaction with a certain counterparty for a period of 6 months 150
Help from the bank on the existence of an account (Bank Statement)100
The Incumbency Secretary Certificate300
Certificate of Good Standing200
Liquidation of the company (Exclusion from the register of companies within 2 years from the date of submission of the application for liquidation) 2 500
Liquidation of the company (Closing of the company by a court decision within 6 months)5 000
Reissue of the Certificate of Incorporation200
Reissue of the Certificate of Shareholders (Certificate of Shareholder)200
Reissue of the Certificate of Directors and Secretary (Certificate of Director and Secretary) 200
Reissue of the Certificate of registered legal address (Certificate of Adress) 200
The certificate of the tax resident of Cyprus (Tax Residence Certificate)300
Double Tax Certificate300
Certificate of absence of tax debt200
Printing of the company automatic45
Apostille of one document80
Apostille kit of 4 certificates150
Notarization of one document35
Annual update of the data on the Beneficiary of the company (KYC)100
Signing of documents:  
Signing of contracts as the Director of the company35
Signing of Resolutions35
Signing of one document / letter by a nominee shareholder / director35
Accounting services and Audit: 
Company registration as a VAT payer350
De-registration as a VAT payer (waiver of certificate)250
Registration of a company in accordance with the requirements of the Information Exchange System (VIES) 350
De-registration as a VIES payer (waiver of certificate)250
TAXISNET Registration100
Registration of EORI (for companies that sell goods and services in EC countries)380
VAT reporting (quarterly report with twenty transactions inthe current of the quarter. Additional fee for exceeding the number of transactions.) 250
Reporting on VIES declarations (monthly)51.5
Preparation and submission of an official request from the tax department150
Preparation and submission of a declaration on preliminary calculation for profit100
Preparation of official letters to the tax department for the correction of a previously filed declaration 100
Preparation and delivery of HE 32150
Employee registration in social insurance agencies (Social Insurance)100
Preparation of a monthly calculation of the company’s PO and payment of contributions to the authoritiesSocial Insurance (for each employee of the company) 50
Preparation and filing of a taxable income tax return100
Payment of fines on behalf of the company50
Preparation of an audit report for a company that does not conduct business (complete absence of accounts and statements) 600
Preparation of an audit report for the company conducting the activityfrom 1500
Account opening: 
Opening of a corporate account in a Cyprus bank with a visit to the bank350
Opening a corporate account in a Cypriot bank without visiting the bank690
Opening a personal account in a Cypriot bank with a visit to the bank250
Opening a personal account in a Cypriot bank without visiting the bank690
Opening of a corporate / personal account with Rietumu Bank (without the cost of sending documents)250
Certification for the provision of copies of documents (passports, proof of residence address, etc.) to beneficiaries, directors, signatories to the account.60
Updating of data on the company in the bank. Supporting the provision of supporting information on the company’s activities, counterparties, turnover, characteristics on the beneficiaries and signatories of the account.350
Issue and reissue of Debit / Credit card250
Execution of the opening of the banking cell250
Courier services:  
Forwarding of documents by DHL / TNT / FEDEX express service58,50
Shipment by local courier (delivery inside Cyprus)21
Shipment by local courier (delivery inside Limassol)8,50
Providing a place for effective management in Cyprus: 
Mailing address — providing an address in Cyprus for receiving statements and letters from banks 90

It is recommended to ensure the presence of companies in Cyprus, so that the control and management of the company are carried out in Cyprus.

This can be done as follows:

  • Rent an office for a company, or a room in an office space
  • Provision of a dedicated telephone line and a fax
  • Hiring a part-time worker
  • Registration in the Cyprus telephone directory
  • Payment of local business tax to the local municipality
  • Participation in the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce
 By agreement 

* All services do not include VAT 19%.

The provided list of services is not final, changes and additions can be made.

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