After-sales service of real estate

Property maintenance is necessary to guarantee the safety of the property and the adjoining territory in proper condition. By providing real estate to service professionals, the owner of the property not only relieves himself of a whole range of issues related to the operation of the facility, but also saves his money. These services are especially relevant for those who leave their property for a long time, absent on the island. Our Cypriot partners will take care of all issues related to servicing your real estate.

Enumeration of services:

— regular inspection and ventilation of the real estate;

— accounting, analysis and storage of bills for utilities, clarification of possible reasons for unjustified increase of expenses;

— control over timely payment of taxes;

— verification of correspondence and notification of the owner of the property if necessary;

— drawing up and filing an application (s) to the insurance company in the event of occurrence of insurance cases in order to compensate for damage;

— representation of interests in the administration at the location of the property;

— interaction with the security agency that carries out the protection of the real estate object for the purpose of observing the actions of the security agency in case of occurrence of abnormal situations connected with the real estate object and as soon as possible full informing the owner of the real estate about the current situation;

— control of the personnel serving the real estate (gardener, cleaner and others);

— control over the operation of automatic systems directly related to the property (watering, cleaning the pool, burglar alarm, etc.);

— attraction of specialists for realization of the current repair of the real estate object, if necessary, and control over its execution. The owner of the property (s) in the right to choose the desired from the above services or to purchase a full package of services. The cost of services rendered directly depends on the completeness of the package of services. selected by the owner of the property.

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