Here are five reasons for investing in Cyprus property!

1. Cyprus is the safest country in the EU, and the fifth country for security in the world!

2. The island offers the lowest tax regime and one of the most effective programs for acquiring EU citizenship and a permanent residence permit through real estate investments!

3. Owning a villa or apartment in Cyprus is not only an indicator of status, but also an opportunity to receive a stable income from leasing and to be sure of the safety of capital, a net profit of 7 to 15% per annum! 

4. The property in Cyprus, owned by foreigners, is reliably protected by law. Ownership rights in the country are strictly observed, so you do not have to worry about your capital. Even in the case of political changes, the status of investors remains inviolable and guaranteed by the state! 

5. A minimum of taxes on the sale and purchase of a real estate object. The island has unique taxation conditions that allow you to minimize your costs.   Zero tax on title transfer, zero inheritance tax, VAT reduction program. 

Island of cyprus – a unique and rich natural world, favorable ecology, ideal climatic conditions, one of the lowest crime rates in the world, political predictability and economic stability, combined with guarantees of property inviolability, attracts the attention of an increasing number of foreigners to South Cyprus. The island is one of the most favorable places for the introduction of business …

Advice on the selection of real estate in Cyprus

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