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Commercial real estate in Cyprus


If you are considering acquiring a land plot, Cyprus will seem to you an excellent solution for making such investments. An island in the Mediterranean Sea is currently the most popular object of foreign investment due to its location, high quality of life, simplified tax system, as well as attractiveness for tourists. The number of wealthy travelers who want to visit Cyprus and enjoy the beauty of its attractions, to learn the secrets of the beauty of the goddess Aphrodite, to relax on the beaches and luxury hotels, in 2018 amounted to more than 4 million people, and the construction planned by the Cyprus authorities for 2020 new flights will help increase this figure by 10% annually. All this means that the demand for housing, restaurants and entertainment for tourists will continue to increase.

Buy a hotel in Cyprus

The decision to buy an existing hotel in Cyprus is a promising investment of money for those who do not want to start a business from scratch. Here you can buy a hotel in the South, in the area of ​​the Larnaca resort, the beaches of which are awarded the Blue Flag and sparkle with cleanliness, and the 25-km coastal zone offers opportunities for surfing, diving, offers nightly entertainment in the form of bars, clubs for youth and equipped beaches for families. If you prefer measured and cool, then near the conservation area, in the North of Cyprus, in the Karpas region, we will also find an offer to sell the hotel to your taste. The cost of hotels ranges from 3 million to 7 million euros, depending on the condition and capacity; Also popular for development and profitable are the areas of the resorts of Paphos, Limassol and others. To make the island more accessible for budget tourists, you can buy a mini hotel in Cyprus, they require less investment, are usually located further from the coast and are popular among those who prefer nature and outdoor activities.

Buy office in Cyprus

If you are already a successful entrepreneur, like stability and comfort, or a beginner aimed at improving your business and long-term profit, the necessary initial investment will be an office in Cyprus, which we will help you buy in its southern area. It is famous for its developed infrastructure, unsurpassed bays and support from the European Union. This fact makes large cities in southern Cyprus, such as Limassol, Larnaca attractive for those who want to conduct business focused on the European contingent. Buying an office in the South of Cyprus is beneficial for opening travel agencies, hotels, travel transportation organizations and excursions, souvenir shops, entertainment centers, restaurants and other business options. The cost of such offices starts from 375 thousand euros, and our organization guarantees the presentation of the object and consultation regarding its acquisition.

Buy a restaurant in Cyprus

After sunset, life on the island is just beginning, so the purchase of a cafe, restaurant, bar or night club will bring a stable high income. The best place to buy this kind of real estate is the tourist coast of Paphos resort, where we offer for purchase an equipped restaurant near the Coral Bay, the heart of «antiquity», ports and harbor. Such an institution requires investments of 2 million euros, so if you do not like the hotel business, you can buy a restaurant in Cyprus and “plunge” into the entertainment business.


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