About INVESTMENT in real estate of Limassol

Investment in real estate in Cyprus in Limassol is an opportunity to successfully develop your business. Investment funds in Cyprus give the right to low tax rates, citizenship, study, work and live in all EU countries.

Limassol — a city of great opportunities

Limassol is a city that attracts tourists with its developed infrastructure, fashionable hotels and at the same time it is the business center of all of Cyprus. Its unique location guarantees a large influx of tourists and foreign investors, and tax incentives are increasingly attracting international business.

Limassol is not only the location of international large companies and banks, it is also a developed real estate market. Demand for real estate in Limassol continues to grow, and, according to realtors, this is facilitated by the program for providing citizenship to foreigners for investments in the Cyprus economy.

Two regions are particularly popular with foreign investors who want to become citizens of Cyprus: Limassol and Paphos. However, it is Limassol that leads in the number of investments. Real estate in Cyprus in Limassol accounts for 24% of all investments annually — this is approximately 3,408 transactions, which significantly exceeds the number of transactions in other regions.

Limassol Property

The business life of Limassol is quite active, so real estate will cost a lot. The city is densely built up, as a rule, it is a tourist infrastructure: resort complexes, fashionable hotels and small hotels. Each tourist will be able to find an option in accordance with their budget.

Provided that you invest in villas or apartments in Limassol, the owner can claim huge advantages: tax benefits and a passport of a Cypriot citizen under the specially provided program of economic citizenship.

Property prices in Limassol

Investing in real estate on the southern coast of Cyprus in 2018-2019 breaks all records. Regarding prices, a small apartment in Limassol can be bought for € 240,000- € 300,000. Given the location of the region and its popularity among businessmen, the cost is quite reasonable. The cost of the villas depends on their area, location and varies between € 300,000- € 2 million.

Rental prices also vary. According to experts of the real estate market, foreigners, including Russians, most often buy housing in the property solely for the purpose of renting it out, as well as for the quick receipt of a passport of an EU citizen.

The ongoing active increase in prices and the demand for rental apartments, apartments and villa Limassol on the coast of the country allows you to get a very decent profit. According to Cypriot real estate agencies, house rental prices for the current period of 2019 increased by 17.3%, apartments — by 17%, apartments — by 15.2%, office premises — by more than 13%. At the same time, Limassol is the leader in the list of regions in terms of rental cost.

Limassol is the center of business life in Cyprus, hundreds of transactions are made here every day, new companies are opened. The life of the region is not only bubbling thanks to developed tourism, those who want to increase their capital tend to this region in the hope of profitably investing their money in real estate in Limassol.

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