The second place in the ranking of Citizenship for Investments

  • 21 ноября 2017 в 17:35:00

Cyprus took the second place in the ranking of countries that give citizenship in exchange for investment.

   The main service of Henley & Partners is assistance in choosing the place of residence for wealthy people. Accordingly, this company compiles the rating of countries that grant the right to acquire citizenship in exchange for investing in its economy. In the process of rating the Henley & Partners experts interviewed a number of independent experts from the world’s leading companies, government officials and investors from around the world.

Respondents were asked to assess by a 10-point scale a large number of different indicators of investment programs of a country. The company claims that the following indicators were taken into account for rating:

— Reputation;

— The quality of life;

— Visa-free travel with other countries;

— speed of processing applications;

— Compliance;

— Different requirements for investment;

— Obligation of residence in the country;

— Possibility of moving to another country;

— Obligation of visiting the country;

— How long the procedure is transparent.

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