It is important to know when buying a property in Cyprus

  • 05 января 2018 в 13:09:29

Categories of property to be acquired in Cyprus:

1. Land with the intention of further constructing a property on it.
2. Apartments or houses that are purchased when they are still at the construction stage.
3. Buying a finished house or apartment.
4. Secondary real estate market.

Risks in the purchase of real estate:

In order to minimize risks when buying property in Cyprus, it is recommended to conduct preliminary technical assessment of the acquired property, which will determine the real state of the property, and whether there were violations of the legislation of the Republic when obtaining a building permit.
In the case of a ready-made real estate object, it is necessary to visually compare the actual layout of the site and plans that have been approved by the construction supervision authorities, conduct a visual inspection of the building to which the object belongs, identify operational problems and conduct a study of the general characteristics of the building , such as public objects (for example, swimming pools, recreation areas, etc.).

Who and how is the regulation of construction in Cyprus:

1. Issues related to urban zoning are the responsibility of the Planning Office, which approves a new development project.
2. Construction permits for approved projects are issued by the District Administrations.
3. The overall urban policy is implemented based on the master plan, which is revised and adjusted every 5 years.

Examination, design and estimation of construction costs:

Examination of the plan and design is the responsibility of the architect, the consultant of the civil engineer, as well as the consultant on the plumbing and electricity networks. Estimating the cost of future construction is carried out by the same engineer-estimator. In turn, the land surveyor delineates the land and draws a drawing of the site.

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