Cyprus — Providing a residence permit.

  • 18 ноября 2017 в 17:07:40

Cyprus is rapidly gaining popularity among citizens of countries outside the EU, wishing to obtain a residence permit in one of the EU countries. On the island there is a liberal and very convenient immigration regime of justification in Europe and all applications are considered within two months.


An accelerated program of obtaining a residence permit requires a permit for long-term residence by foreign citizens wishing to invest in the Cypriot economy, subject to the following requirements:

1. Acquisition of residential or other real estate in Cyprus with a market value of € 300,000 + VAT;

2. Availability of guaranteed annual income from sources abroad and other sources, except for work in Cyprus;

3. Transfer of funds from abroad and placing them on a three-year deposit with a Cyprus bank;

4. The owner of the residence permit must visit Cyprus once every two years.

Why Cyprus permanent residence?

1. Provided in 2 months!

2. Investments in real estate from only 300 000 euros!

3. Free movement in the EU!

4. Visiting Cyprus only once every two years!

5. Distributed to the whole family!

6. It works for life!

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