Cyprus is the growing financial center of Europe.

  • 21 сентября 2017 в 17:38:09

In London this week, important issues were discussed regarding the Republic of Cyprus. The organizers of the event were CIPA (the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency) and Bloombergia Bloomberg.

The first with the report was Minister of Finance Haris Georgiadis.

After a group discussion, very important questions were raised, such as:

  • What should be the sectors of sovereign investment in the Republic?
  • Prospects for the development of the European economy;
  • Normative base for financial markets;
  • Brexit;
  • Variants of solutions to migration problems.

Heads of such banks as BankofCyprus, AstroBank, HellenicBank and Konstantinos Herodotu (executive director of the Central Bank of the Republic of Cyprus) took part in this discussion. .

In the second group discussion, issues such as the regulatory framework and taxes were raised. The speaker was Dimitar Kalogiru (chairman of the commission on exchanges and securities).

The theme of the third session was issues related to investment issues, in particular, the merger of Columbia and MarlowNavigation was discussed, as a result of which the largest ship management company could be established in the Republic. Speaker — Mark O’Neil (President of ColumbiaShipmanagement), and Gene Corning (Country Manager and Vice President of NobleEnergy International), Erman (CEO of PointRFSystemsPlc) and Dov Ehrmann (AstroVank Shadi Karam).

After the end of all the reports, the organizers conducted a survey among the participants «Did you want to invest in Cyprus?».

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