CIPR — Europe’s first billionaire.

  • 04 мая 2018 в 16:00:31

According to the «Number of dollar billionaires for 10 million people,» Cyprus ranked first in Europe (if the country’s population was 10 million, nearly 60 of them would be billionaires).

According to the authoritative magazine The Forbes, 7 billion dollar billionaires live in Cyprus this year. Among them, the championship belongs to John Fredixen with its 7.3 billion dollars (a Norwegian swing mogul, having a Cypriot passport). The following are followed by Yakir Gabay (real estate brokerage), Gunesel Booth (education, a network of gas stations, hotels, as well as banking, real estate and health), Stelios, Polis and Kleliya Hajioni (skipping, as well as EasyJet) . It closes 7th Surendra Hiranadani (engaged in the construction of premium real estate in India).
It should be noted that in the ranking of Europe were not included such micro-states as Monaco and Liechtenstein. In spite of the fact that only 4 billionaires live in Monaco, their ranking of the richest 10 million citizens would be 1039 people. An interesting fact is that there are as many as 17 billionaires in the territory of Liechtenstein, but there is only one citizen of this country.

It is also interesting that in Europe there are 14 states in which billionaires do not live (for example, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Moldova and Estonia).

By the way, in the US, according to the rating, 18 out of 10 million people are billionaires. , in Japan and China — almost 3 people, in Brazil — 2, in India — less than one, and in Russia — as many as 7.

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