Greek Immigration Programs

For non-EU citizens, it is now possible to obtain a permanent residence permit — (PR) in Greece in accordance with the very attractive conditions described below.

The basic rules for obtaining permanent residence in Greece:

1. The required investment is a minimum investment of 250,000 €.

2. Type of investment — any property asset (i.e. houses, plots, land, shops, offices, etc.) or a combination assets (i.e. a plot with a villa or custom-built building, etc.).

3. Valid throughout Schengen — YES.

4. Validity term of the permit — CONSTANT (subject to the right property).

5. Update — ownership verification every 5 years.

6. The time required for issuing — 10 workers days for real estate in Greece, per except Santorini that takes 3 months.

7. Persons entitled to PR — spouse investor, children under the age of 21, and then extension to 24 years (and subsequently have the right to enter Greek University and continue studies), investor’s parents and spouse’s parents.

8. The right to resell — YES, PR is transferred to a new investor (but the rights of the original investor on PR cease to exist).

9. Right to Lease — YES.

10. Citizenship Status — YES, entitled to obtaining Greek citizenship.

11. There is no minimum stay requirement.

12. No minimum savings required bank account.

13. An investor can sell property and transfer it to another citizen, not being an EU citizen who in his the queue will also be eligible for PR.

Citizens The EU enjoys all rights and privileges including the right to reside, purchase real estate, starting a business and work in Greece. This region is part of Schengen area, therefore Greek PR also a Schengen visa!


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