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Did you know that EU citizenship is easiest to get in Cyprus? Getting a passport takes 3-6 months (the fastest in Europe).

Cyprus is gradually coming to first place in popularity among foreign investors as a country for obtaining citizenship for investment, ahead of Caribbean jurisdictions with similar programs (St. Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda, St. Lucia).

The current program for obtaining Cypriot citizenship was revised in 2014 and has become even more attractive for investors. Cyprus is the only European country that guarantees the provision of its citizenship through investment in local real estate. In this case, all the necessary procedures can be performed in just 3 months.

Other benefits of the Cyprus Citizenship Program:

Citizenship of Cyprus is a full-fledged EU citizenship, which allows you to move more freely around the world (visa-free regime with 150 countries), and also gives the right to live and work in any EU country. The passport of Cyprus is issued directly to the investor, his wife (spouse) and children under 28 years. With EU citizenship, the children of the investor receive expanded opportunities to receive education in European universities. Physical living in Cyprus is not necessary. Cyprus also allows dual citizenship.

The main ways to obtain citizenship of Cyprus for investments:

Investing in real estate: the easiest and most affordable way to obtain citizenship. It implies the acquisition of local real estate in the amount of 2 500 000 euros.

Investments in real estate + contribution to a local bank: the investor must have a personal account in a Cyprus bank or a corporate account of a Cyprus company (in which he is a shareholder) of at least 2,000,000 euros; as well as to purchase local real estate worth from 500 000 euros (total 2 500 000 euros).

Direct investments + real estate investments: the investor must make direct investments in the Republic of Cyprus in the amount of not less than 2,000,000 euros, as well as acquire local real estate in the amount of not less than 500,000 euros (total 2,500,000 euros).

On September 13, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Cyprus approved amendments to the scheme for granting the citizenship of the country in exchange for investments that simplify the process of obtaining Cyprus passports by foreign investors. The most important change in the scheme is the cancellation of a collective investment of 12 million euros. This item has been replaced by private investment of two million euros in the Cyprus economy. As before, applicants for Cyprus passports in exchange for investment will be required to purchase real estate in the amount of at least 500,000 euros.

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