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Villa Cyprus Policy located in the most picturesque part of Cyprus. Traditional market town with cobbled streets and many amenities that make the city more comfortable and more attractive for tourists and immigrants. Nearby are the beaches and marina in Latchi with its numerous fish restaurants and a wide range of water sports. AT The surrounding hills have many traditional villages, often with a local tavern, where you You can enjoy the Cypriot lifestyle.

You can buy from us villa in Cyprus Polis at a good price. Our properties range from luxury houses by the sea and holiday villas, to apartments with one and two bedrooms.

City Policy

The policy is located on Northwest coast of Cyprus. The city is literally surrounded by countless almond and eucalyptus trees, evergreen palm trees and turquoise the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, which give this place a sense of romance and charm.

The city is unique because its nature is almost untouched by human activity. Policy offers comfortable quiet beaches, beautiful nature and a relaxed lifestyle that is one of the reasons to buy property in Cyprus Polis.

Beaches are located approximately one kilometer from the city center, which in no case causes problems either from local residents, not from visitors to the Polis. The atmosphere of the city is very friendly, which will undoubtedly provide visitors with a good mood.

Main a feature of Polis is called a village square with cobbled streets, souvenir and jewelry stores, banks, pharmacies and bars where thirsty travelers can try locally produced wines, including Commandaria is a sweet dessert wine loved by Richard the Lionheart. The traditional restaurants surrounding the square offer a refined home-like experience. the kitchen. Ice cream parlors, tiny coffee shops are just some of the delights that can be found at Polis.

Benefits of living in Cyprus

Buying a villa Cyprus Policy means getting all the benefits that living on the island brings:

  • Wonderful climate and healthy environment Wednesday

Environmental conditions as good as the climate. The population of Cyprus is only 1 million people. There is no large industry that could pollute the environment. Gasoline is sold only in European quality.

  • Safe and comfortable life

In Cyprus, one of the most low crime rates in the European Union. There is democracy and order. On the other hand, all Cypriot life is shrouded in a spirit of openness and ease opposite to the heavy spirit of pedantry and life in accordance with rules.

One of the reasons certainly why it is worth buying a Cyprus Policy house, this is the small size of the country, where people know each other. You can come to the bakery and forget to take with you money, ask to be allowed to take a loaf of bread and then bring amount needed.

  • High standard of living

Average duration life is 78 years for men and 81 years for women. Cyprus has a modern and effective healthcare system.

  • Quality Education

Perhaps in Cyprus There is one of the best secondary education systems in the whole Mediterranean. You can choose both English, and Greek and even Russian schools.

In all major cities Cyprus has private English schools providing a full cycle of elementary and secondary education.

  • Ease of immigration

Immigration legislation is currently extremely liberal. If you buy property worth more than 300,000 euros, you can get a permanent view residence permit in the EU. The deadline for obtaining a residence permit is a maximum of 2 months.

Investors in the economy Cyprus are eligible for Cypriot citizenship.

  • Investment Opportunities

Many European, Russian, Ukrainian, Indian and other companies translate their main offices in Cyprus or open their representative offices there. It’s connected with the unique atmosphere created there for the business. Here is the lowest level taxes in the EU and a minimum of bureaucracy.

Probably the most important thing foreigners, regardless of their nationality, regardless of whether they want buy a villa in Cyprus Polis for vacation or permanent residence on the island, all they feel at home in Cyprus. Absolutely everyone feels good there and comfortable. Most likely, the phenomenon of Cyprus is mainly in this amazing atmosphere. It is no coincidence that foreigners now make up more than 1 in 5 population.

Villa Cyprus Policy — an investment that will pay off in all areas of your life!

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